Friday, June 17, 2011


So it's been a while since I've posted. Mostly because everytime I sit down to write, I'm either inturrupted or at a loss for words (I know, completely uncharictaristic of me). Oh, and I read everyone else's blogs and see how creative and well worded they are and get a little bit of stage fright.

I used to consider myself creative and well worded. Then I had a child and my brain was erased.

Let's see, what's been going on since I last wrote...

January: Not much happened that month. At least not that I can remember. We really enjoyed our holidays back home with family. Elsie was spoiled of course. I don't think I even have pictures. I worry I'm turning into my mother, she hardly ever took pictures. I'd love to turn into her in every other way but that :)

Our Family at the Branch Christmas Party

February: Valentine's day! Tyler gave me a nice card and a cute stuffed puppy. It seems like every year the stuffed puppies get bigger and bigger. I'll have to get one of those cool animal hamocks for above my bed.

March: We got another dog. That's right. Another one. His name is Zed. He's a yellow lab. He's big. He's still a puppy. He'll get bigger. We need to move. Elsie LOVES him.

Zedekia aka: Zed

April: My birthday! Tyler took me out to eat and bought me some flip flops. Love that guy. Also got to see my BFF Katie. We met 1/2 way in Grand Island for pedicures and lunch. It was a good month. We also had a nice visit from my friend, Dorothy. She lives next to my mom and we grew up visiting with her. It was nice to see her again.

The last year of my twenties. It's been a heck-of-a decade.
Grandma Dorothy and Elsie

May: Busy planning a bridal shower for a good friend, Nicole. I got to make a cake. Love doing that. We were home for visits. I spent the last part of May and 1st part of June with my parents.

The Spred

The Cake

June: Nicole's wedding! It was beautiful! Loved being a part of it. I got my first 're-order' cake when she asked me to make a surprise groom's cake for Justin. It was a fish.

It's a lemon cake. Get it? Fish with lemon? ha ha

The Girls

Tyler is doing well. He recently started another job. He now works for Jim Trotter. He does a little bit of everything, which is why this job is perfect for him. The other day, he told me he had been working on a parade float! His birthday is this weekend. We're having a day of his favorite foods.

We are both staying pretty busy with various church callings. Tyler is the Branch Mission Leader. He gets to help keep our missionaries in line. I think he really enjoys it.

I get to serve in the Primary. For my non-LDS friends, that's the children's Sunday school. I love it. I get to teach and help with music and plan super fun activities.

Elsie is growing up way too fast! She'll be two in a month. I can't believe how amazing she is! She speaks so well and picks up on things so quickly. She says complete sentences and can express her feelings to us. She can count to 5 and sometimes higher. She knows some of her ABC's. She can sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'. She sings the happy birthday song - not sure where she got that. She is also a very loving and compassionate child. She seems to sense when someone, even a stranger, needs a smile or a love. On one hand, I want her to stay this way forever, on the other, I can't wait to see the wonderful, talented young women she will become. Every day there is a new development, new words, new animal sounds. I feel so blessed to be her mama. I could go on and on and on about her but I think maybe I'll just post some pictures instead.

Elsie and Mama

Elsie and Daddy

Enjoying an apple all by her big self
Just being "The Bean"
She love horses of any kind
Mama and Elsie at the Easter Egg Hunt
Look what I got!

Until next time...

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