Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quick Update

So I realize I haven't posted anything in a while. We've been busy! Let's see, what's happened since April 20th?
Tyler got 2 new jobs. The first one was for a lumber company - 6 weeks in, the closed their doors. The second was for a large feed lot in Broken Bow. He Started in early November. So far so good.
Elise has been walking since June/July. She is a busy girl and into everything. She is very sharp. She knows several words and animal noises. She finally hit the 20lb mark in Sept/Oct. She might be pint-sized but she packs a wallop! She loves animals, especially her doggies.
Speaking of doggies, we have 2 now. Buck, our 3 1/2 year old beagle/coon hound we've had for almost 2 years. The newest addition is Jax, or as Tyler has dubbed him - Jackson Barkley Harris. He is a Yorkie - not sure how old. Maybe 2? We inherited him when Tyler's aunt passed away this fall.
Jax is a pretty special dog. He's very clingy and skittish inside. He is my shadow and has to be touching me all the time. If I'm doing the dishes, he's sitting on my feet. If I'm at the table, he's tucked under my chair. Get him outside without a leash and he's a completely different dog! He runs from you and has been known to stay out all night patrolling the town. Not even cheese, his favorite treat, can entice him to come in before he's ready.
Both dogs are great with Elsie. Buck tolerates her and moves if she starts to annoy him. Jax loves her. He is always giving her kisses and playing tag. I'm grateful because in my experience, little dogs do not always do well around curious toddlers.
Let's see...I'm not doing anything spectacular. Just enjoying small town life, the Christmas season and being a wife and mother. I get to stay home with my little girl. We read books, watch movies and bake all day. That's the life! At least it's my life and I'm grateful for it!

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