Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Blessings!

This post is all about the in-laws.

When Elsie was born, my mom was in Italy. She tried to get back but couldn't make it until we were home from the hospital. My mother-in-law stepped in and played the roll of my mother while we were in the hospital. We weren't prepared. We thought we were just going in to be monitored and then sent home. I didn't have anything. No clothes, no toothbrush, no deodorant, no nursing bras/pads, nothing. Tina took care of EVERYTHING. She even brought me Popsicles and cleaned my house! She came to visit every morning before she went to work to make sure everything was okay and that we didn't need anything, and to see Elsie, of course! She has been nothing but supportive from day one. She has welcomed me into her family with open arms. She is easy to talk to and has opened up to me as well. I love listening to her talk about her family. It is very important to me to learn all I can about Tyler's side of the family so that I can teach Elsie where she comes from. I want her to know that I appreciate everything she has done and continues to do for our family. I love her very much!

--------------------------------------Nana Tina and Elsie---------------------------------------

My father-in-law, Burt, is a wonderful person. He is so calm and gentle. I love watching him interact with Elsie. She is so tiny and he is so tall. It's a definitely a sight too see. I am grateful to him for being such a wonderful father and such a hard worker. He is very intelligent and talented. He can build things, fix things and gives great hugs! I'm so glad Tyler had a good example to follow. It gives me reassurance of the kind of father he will be. Burt raised Tyler to have a good work ethic and to stick with his responsibilities. I know that because of Burt, our family will be stable and strong. I love him too!
------------------------------------Grandpa Burt and Elsie---------------------------------------
My brother-in-law, Clay, is something else! I haven't spent much time with him. He works on a custom harvest crew and is gone for over half of the year. The time I have spent with him has not been dull! He is intelligent and funny. I'm not sure if he knows he's funny. He's always so serious. He is very strong willed and will gladly share his opinion with you about anything! It's kind of refreshing to meet someone who is just who he is; no apologies and no sugar coating! He hasn't met Elsie yet and I am excited to see his reaction.

I am also grateful for all of my new aunts and uncles.

Tina's family:

Joel and Deb Warren: Deb has always been so polite and smiley. I've only met her a few times but each time has been very pleasant. I appreciate Joel's pioneer spirit. He is always trying something new. I love that he is not content to just be. He likes to experience new things and has interesting stories to tell. He recently graduated truck driving school and went on the road. At a party to celebrate his accomplishment, I watched how he treated his grandson. He was so respectful and positive with him. I admire him for that.

Bo Bo: I LOVE Bo Bo. She has such a sweet spirit. She accepted me as part of the family before I was part of the family! She is very talented. She crocheted Elsie a beautiful blanket. She is thoughtful and fun to talk to. She is a very spiritual person and I love that she feels comfortable talking to me about her beliefs.
Barbie: Aunt Barb is such a strong person. She has gone through so much and whenever I see her, she has a hug and a smile for me. She loves talking to Elsie and Elsie tells her stories I've never heard before! She has such a great sense of humor :) She came and helped Tina get my apartment in order before we came home with the baby. She loves her children and her grandchildren and she is a SURVIVOR!

Scott and Tammy: Scott is such a big kid! He is always joking and smiling. He brings a funny dynamic to all of the family gatherings. Tammy is a very strong willed person. She treats me like I've always been a part of the family and I appreciate that. Their kids, Andy and Ethan, are some of the nicest boys I've ever met. Ethan even officially welcomed me to the family at our wedding and gave me a hug. It was so sweet. Andy was a groomsman and he so well spoken especially considering he's a teenager. He out spoke all the 'adult' groomsmen hands down.

Burt's family:
Grandpa Buck: You can really tell that all of his children love him so much. I know he loves them too. He came to visit us out of the blue shortly after Elsie was born. It meant so much that he would drive all the way up from Table Rock to see us. He held Elsie the whole time he was here. He was so happy. I am also grateful for the father he was to Burt. If it weren't for that, Tyler wouldn't be who he is.
---------------------------------Great Grandpa Buck and Elsie---------------------------------

Julie and Ned: Julie has come to everything I've ever invited her to. She brought us food after Elsie was born. That meant a lot to me. She has two boys so I know she enjoys Elsie when we visit. I don't know Ned very well but I do know that he has a good sense of humor. He came with Julie to visit us at the hospital. I appreciated that they took the time to come visit us.

Bev and Barb: Bev is always so warm and welcoming. She makes family gatherings a lot of fun. Barb is always smiling. There is something about her countenance that draws people to her.
Roger and Carla: Roger is pretty quite but you can tell he really cares about his family. I appreciate the relationship he has with Tyler. Carla is so sweet. She makes it a point to come talk to me and include me. Both Roger and Carla came out for Elsie's baby blessing at church. It meant a lot that they took the time to share that moment with us.
As you can see, we have quite the support system. I'm not used to having extended family in the same state. I have really enjoyed the family get together. I am excited that Elsie will be able to have that experienced. I am quite blessed to have all of these wonderful people in my life. I wish I had pictures of everybody. Nana Tina has them on here camera :)
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