Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Did It!

Okay, so I finally got around to reading Twilight. I started Christmas Day and finished yesterday. I don't know who's bright idea it was to put a chapter from the next book in the back of the first book but now I'm going crazy. I have to read the 2nd book! I'm borrowing them from Mom and I told her to get the 2nd one to me ASAP! But I can't wait! So today, I went to Wal-Mart to see if they had it - they don't. They have the 1st and the 3rd. A lot of good that does me. So here I am, twiddling my thumbs, posting a blog when I could be doing something much more important; READING BOOK 2!!!

Hope your holidays were merry!


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Ian & Jess said...

I feel your pain although I have now read the complete saga twice. Let me know when you finish it so we can talk about it. Oh and congrats on the engagement and Tyler definately gets bonus points in my book because of how romantic that was. Love ya